Promote Your Psychotherapy Private Practice...Easily.
Can you believe the "MyPillow®" guy is worth millions?

(You've seen these endless ads on TV for years. If not, then you not on planet earth!)

Here's the ad's secret--it's not the pillow. It's the frequency. Frequency achieves "top-of-mind" positioning. Then come sales.

The reason for the "MyPillow®" ad's success is the same reason that will help you get more referrals to your private practice. The key is making frequency marketing easy, effortless, automatic, non-stop, and inexpensive.

This is what I've done by inventing a newsletter called FrontLine Employee (disregard the name) that you can rename, and use for the same exact reasons--promotion and visibility for your practice. They key is exposures. Use your newsletter to promote your private practice and get more referrals.

Oh, don't worry. You will see results quickly. I guarantee it. In fact, my guarantee is that you get more referrals first. And, then you decide if you want to subscribe.

Yes, you read that right. You get an busier private practice before you decide what to do next.

There is no bill. There are no phone calls. There is no obligation. There's no credit card needed.

Your practice must get busier first. We give you 3-4 months to experiment with the newsletter? Then, decide.

Click the blue button and download the package that will get you started growing your practice on autopilot.

Get examples of the newsletter, articles you can use right now in your own template if you have one, and all the information! No obligation. No invoice. Totally free.

Employee newsletter for wellness and productivity
Free Professional Mastheads!
Subscribers to 
FrontLine Newsletters.
The current issue will come in all its available formats--PDF, MS Word with the graphics, MS Publisher with the graphics, and text-only in MS Word. If you don't need all of these formats, let me know. I will then just send the one or two you need.

Send your logo. I will place it on the newsletter free. 

If you are fairly excited to extremely excited, I will create a free customized masthead with the help of my graphics team. They will make four concept mastheads for you to choose from. Decide which one you like best. Then, if needed, we will tweak it until it's perfect. However, believe me, you will have a hard time deciding which one looks best. They are that good!

Test your new newsletter with referral sources. Before you do, feel free to send me information about your practice that you want me to set in print on page one of the newsletter--use one article or two article spaces as shown above. I will place this information on the left-hand side of the newsletter. Send your photo, too if would like me to set it all up! (See above.) 

Get your email list together and when the newsletter arrives, blind send it 
to doctors, community agencies, former patients and clients, churches, outpatient clinics, and other referral sources in your town.

Then, sit back and watch how you gain top of mind positioning after about three months.  To make an impact send it before the month of issue. I always email the newsletter early. Send it right away.

Remember--call me, fax me, or email me at any time to arrange payment and continuation of your subscription. If you do purchase early, I will give you 18 issues instead of the usual 12 issues as a special thank you.

That's it! No more to say. Go for it! The risk is all mine. You do nothing until you see results.

Daniel A. Feerst, BSW, MSW, LISW-CP SC #8845
Publisher, FrontLine Employee Wellness Newsletter
1-800-626-4327 (24/7)

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