The World's First: Editable Newsletter for the Workplace Wellness and Internal Communication.
If you don't have an internal newsletter dedicated to workplace wellness, productivity, stress management, and your own news, then chances are you want one but can't count on anyone in your office keeping up with it. Don't feel bad. That's every company's problem.

Newsletters that are created and distributed in-house are impossible to maintain if the employee you assign it to has other duties. It is practically a law of nature. The newsletter chore is simply too tedious and relentless. The process eventually exhausts itself with procrastination, missed issues, and collapse of the newsletter. 

FrontLine Employee is the solution.

FrontLine Employee is the world's first reproducible, editable, and completely re-nameable wellness newsletter or content service that is ready to use the moment it arrives in your e-mail.  It is never late and it is adaptable to any need--human resources, workplace employee assistance, employee leasing companies, benefits programs, associations, and more.
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Click the button on this page to download 24 articles that you can use no questions asked and totally free. You will also get all the information that tells you about FrontLine Employee.

We will also send the current issue to you right now--also free. 

Wait--there is more free stuff! If you're interested, we'll create a free customized masthead using our genius graphics team -- yours free to keep. 

Test FrontLine Employee! Send it to employees, families, corporate customers, and their employees. Then, sit back watch the positive reaction.

Whatever the goal for your newsletter -- increasing morale, promotion, outreach to employees, getting more internal engagement and excitement among workers, keeping people informed, or simply helping employees with health and wellness information--FrontLine Employee is the answer. 

Call us, fax us, or email us to let us know if you wish to continue!
Publisher of Frontline Employee Newsletter
Daniel Feerst, BSW, MSW, LISW-CP, Publisher
End the Hassles of Creating an In-house Newsletter
In 1996, I was tasked with creating a monthly two-page workplace wellness/internal newsletter for  our HR/EAP and the organization's Benefits Department. I couldn't do it reliably until I wrote it on weekends without distractions. My wife freaked out! Then I got an idea. . .
It struck me that others were faced with the same problem - relentless pressure and deadlines.

That led to me offering the world's first ready-to-use, editable, reproducible, and re-nameable wellness newsletter. It's authored by licensed mental health professionals and it is never late!

Today, thousands of businesses use FrontLine Employee - or whatever they wish to name it, and over 3,000,000 employees read it.

Now it's your turn. Get all the information here. . .
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